New York Times Co. v. United States (1971) [The Pentagon Papers Case]

An educated opinion from the members of the group: How many agree with the final decision and how many disagree—and why? What are the implications of this decision?

our group opinion is:

  • Group Opinion
    • Agree with the courts
      • It would be an abuse of power
      • There is no reason this information should not be released to the public — the government was drafting people into a war they knew they didn’t have a chance of winning
    • Disagree with the courts
      • The records were not gained legally
    • The newspaper did the right thing
      • Even though they did not obtain the information legally, they did not ask anyone to do anything illegal — they were given illegal information, but did not anything illegal to get it
      • They published what the people had a right to know
    • The newspapers did the wrong thing
      • They did publish classified information knowingly
    Just put these together and analyze the implications of the decision of this case. Write a presentation draft.