Nursing Informatics: importance of data analytics

Chief Nurse Informatics Officer (CNIO) Presentation to the Organization

All executive leaders need to refine their presentation skills to create organizational engagement and support. For this Assignment, you will create an education session and takeaway how-to guide for an interprofessional care team on data analytics and use of information.

To produce effective data use, everyone needs to be responsible and accountable for their use of data. Data analytics provides a vast amount of information that needs to be validated and protected. You will define the use of data analytics, where information is produced, and the steps it takes to validate and protect the use of knowledge/data to effect positive healthcare outcomes for this Assignment. This is an overview to introduce the organization to the topic and its importance in healthcare delivery.

Next, create a specific example to help the stakeholders understand an application in practice. To develop your ideas for this Assignment, think about why it is important to validate data for decision-making, how incorrect data can lead executives to make inappropriate choices, and how validated data supports the use of intelligent decisions and best practice.


  • Create a PowerPoint presentation using 8-10 slides with a voiceover narrative, not counting the title and reference slides. Use a title slide, and keep the slides sleek with no more than 4-6 bullets per slide. Each bullet should have one line of information that does not wrap to the next line. Use the notes section of the slide to add details about the discussion and create a reference list slide. You may use professional looking graphics, graphs, and figures. Be sure to cite and reference where these come from if you do not create them.