Organizational Behavior Final Paper

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The length of your writing should be only 4 pages double-spaced.

Here are some of my personal details. Please feel free to apply them in your paper if it is needful:

1) I am an undergraduate senior student in USA. This is my last year in school.
2) I am majoring in business administration – finance concentration.
3) I am willing to be a financial analysis specialist in an investment bank.
4) This course is called organizational behavior. Here is the course description:

We spend most of our lives participating in organizations: families, schools, companies, etc. So, why study organizational behavior (OB) – don’t we learn all we need to know from experience and common sense? Indeed, much of what we know comes from experience, but more formal study of individuals, small groups and larger organizations yields concepts and theories that are often not intuitive, but can be used to generate considerable value and competitive advantage. In this class, we will study both the concepts themselves and ways that these concepts can be applied in real-world settings.