Organizational Psychology Consultant Report


*****I have a paper here that I wrote that just needs some revising. I can’t figure it out and my professor keeps giving me a letter grade off each time i try and fix it…

Here are her notes:


Your actionable list items and recommendations must be supported with peer-reviewed research.

Week 3 Take 1: There are only three sources included in this document, and only one was a peer-reviewed journal article. Per the instructions, ” Be certain that you justify each and every single Actionable Item with an explanation informed by current literature from academic or peer reviewed scholarly journal articles.”

No adequate justification was provided for any action that you suggested. At this point you should have at least 20 peer-reviewed, scholarly sources that provide evidence that points to specific actions that will solve the company’s issues. Your suggestions are very basic, vague, and not supported by research (at least not that cited). They also don’t cover the entirety of the problem.


Course Scenario:

Recently, Orange Computers, a well-established computer company had their in-house I.O. Psychology Practitioner, Dr. Happenstance, working on a project designed to improve the performance of the phone-based customer service team. Dr. Happenstance identified the following issues during his data-gathering phase:

  • Customer Service Representatives are experiencing burn-out
  • Shifts for Customer Service Representatives are 10 hours 4 days of each week with schedules varying between day shift, night shift, and swing shift
  • Workers with seniority have first choice of schedule, and invariably have the Monday-Thursday work week, while other Customer Service Representatives always work at least 1 shift on the weekends negatively impacting their personal time, and do not have a 4 day in a row work week, as they may work 3 days, have a day off, and work their fourth day following their off day.

Fortunately for Dr. Happenstance, but unfortunately for Orange Computers, Dr. Happenstance received a more lucrative job offer from a direct competitor, Macrosoft Computers. As a result, Dr. Happenstance has left the Orange Computers project unfinished. You have been called upon to complete his work. As you will not be using assessments from this point forward, you are able to perform these tasks as a Masters Degree Level Organizational Psychology Practitioner. Your mission over the course of the next 8 weeks is to design and implement a planned course of action to improve or eliminate these problems. Your plan must be heavily rooted in and supported by the existing literature in the field.

After speaking with the CEO as well as examining the issues identified by Dr. Happenstance, you are charged with the task of explaining the needs of the organization in written form. In order to do so, you must generate a document that thoroughly explains not only the items listed by Dr. Happenstance, but the underlying causal factors of each of those issues. You must support and inform your arguments through the inclusion of existing scholarly literature in the form of references and citations.

Using the Actionable List and Explanation Template as a guide, construct a course of action designed to correct or minimize the challenges encountered as a result of each of the 4 major challenges identified by Dr. Happenstance. Be specific, be thorough, and be certain that each item on your list is actionable- meaning it can be “done”. Be certain that you justify each and every single Actionable Item with an explanation informed by current literature from academic or peer reviewed scholarly journal articles. Your Actionable List should be on a page by itself, and the explanations of each item should be clearly labeled and should provide depth and breadth to the actionable item itself.