Philosophy fallacy, assignment help

1) Please respond to the following:

  • Explain the meaning of the term ‘fallacy’ in logic (use reliable sources, and provide your references).
  • Use the Internet to locate at least two (2) advertisements that exhibit any of the following fallacies: equivocation, false authority, ad hominem, appeal to ignorance, or bandwagon. Next, identify and discuss the fallacy used in the selected advertisements: where exactly is the mistake of reasoning being committed?
  • Remember that a fallacy is a faulty argument, so, in order to properly identify the fallacy you need to first identify the argument with its two crucial parts (what are those parts? review the material discussed in week 3 if you are not sure).
  • Discuss the primary reasons why you believe that the advertisers have used the fallacy in question, and examine whether or not their use of this type of fallacy is effective.

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