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Polybius says that Romans have adopted best practice both to inspire terror and to repair the harm done by any weakening of their warlike spirit, he clearly sees that Romans style of keeping the discipline up and holding bravery as a response in any given circumstance is what works for them whether in battlefield or after any level of combat as well as the qualities to be maintained in a soldier in general. Its classified as unmanly and dishonorable for a soldier to give a false report or act cowardly in situations that are followed by the punishments. The extremely strict rules they have are keeping the focus on how good of a soldier they are, how much of courage and bravery they are able to carry and how they are shamed if they can’t maintain it, keeps them disciplined and constantly trains them to be at their best as a soldier. besides the punishments their bravery and success is also rewarded, this way it creates a great system that brings success of creating a strong army.

Arete is depicted in the approach of training the soldiers to perfect them and all the rules and punishments and rewards the Romans have is their way creating excellence in their army, defense and art of winning in the war zone.

About the Greeks we saw how much they gave importance to heroism, bravery and honor, we can also see similarly for the Romans we also see that they care about bravery a lot becoming o good fighter. The Superiority of Greeks is not felt in the Romans, rather they seem to hold very strong discipline towards their achievements.