The following information should be included in the Portfolio (the Primary Purpose of this is to allow me to have a better understanding of your learning outcomes it is worth 75 points). I should include:

  • A cover the central ideas, issues, questions, and themes from this course and addressed in your portfolio. This can be a collage of pictures, drawings, quotes, what ever. The portfolio should be submitted on line as docx or pdf here
  • A bulleted summary of learning highlights. A bulleted summary of your learning highlights from each of the major assignments; the lectures; favorite quotes and favorite in-class quiz/assignment. Each bulleted statement should include at least two or three sentences of support for your choice. You can arrange these summaries in a way that makes sense to you: (either chronologically by importance to you or by a central theme that is important to you). Example. Describe an example of something you learned and will apply to your life that was a result of connecting the dots between a lecture, a film, and an in-class assignment and a major paper. (300 to 400 words)
    • Write a 2 to 3page final summary that represents a self-reflection of your work in this course this semester and what you learned:
      • What have you learned? How have you grown? What are some examples of the challenges you have faced or new experiences you have exposed your self to and what you have learned from them?
      • What are your goals to put into action what you have learned from this course? What things have you or will you share with others that you have learned from this course? Do you think you have learned or experienced anything that will help you later in life?
      • Lastly, I would like you to review me and this course. What could I do differently to be a better professor? What did you like about my teaching style or approach to promoting learning? What do you think I should change to make me a more effective professor?

      I have another PPT about the course but it is too big to upload. I can send it to you if you want. And please feel free to ask me any questions for the questions that I ask