prescription opioid medication misuse among university students


Complete the following steps.

Step 1. EBSCO Database Platform.

Step 2. Locate the following article

Title: Prescription opioid medication misuse among university students

Authors: Harries, M. D., Lust, K., Christenson, G. A., Redden, S. A., & Grant, J. E.

3. Use the Citation Tools to obtain an APA citation for the article. Check it, and then paste it in Microsoft Word or into the submission area in Blackboard.

4. Read the first three paragraphs of the essay. Note: The abstract is not one of the first three paragraphs.

The first paragraph begins with “The misuse of prescription opioid medication is a growing health issue in the United States. In 2013, approximately 207 million opioid prescriptions were written, an increase from the 76 million opioid prescriptions written in 1991.”

The third paragraph ends with “Using this data, university student health centers may be better equipped to address opioid misuse on university campuses.”

5. With only the first three paragraphs, highlight key ideas, make notes, write questions, and so forth. You may complete Step 5 in one of two ways:

Print the article and annotate the first three paragraphs. Take a picture of the annotated pages and upload them here. OR,

Copy and paste the three paragraphs into MS Word. Annotate the first three paragraphs using the “Comment” function, highlighting the text, or inserting your own comments in bold text.

Submit either the picture(s) or the MS Word text here.

Criteria for Success:

Include an APA reference.

Demonstrate critical reading by making notes, highlighting, writing questions, making comments about your reactions, and so forth.

Submit it here. If your instructor feels this does not meet the quality for the assignment, he or she may require you to do it again.