​Primary Data Collection

Primary Data Collection

Your employer, a commercial marketing research firm, has been contracted to study the usage patterns and brand preferences for fast food among senior citizens in the United States. You have been assigned to develop a suitable questionnaire and method of administration to collect the desired information.

You have two topics to address in this Discussion which means you will need to make a substantial post. Make sure you read the description of a solid post in the Announcement Area. (NOTE: Points will be deducted for weak posts). You are required to respond to at least two of your classmates. These responses need to be of quality and have meaning in order to add to the learning process.

Discussion Topic 1:

What potential problems might arise in the design and administration of the questionnaire because of the unique nature of the population in question? List the problems you foresee and provide the solutions.

What method of administration would you recommend? Why?

Discussion Topic 2:

Questionnaire design is conducted using only generalized conventions and procedures. Because of this, two researchers with the same objective may design very different questionnaires. Keeping this in mind, critically evaluate the questionnaire offered in the “Caldera Industries” Case Study.

Answer the following questions in essay format:

  • What are the good points of the Caldera Industries questionnaire?
  • What features would you change?
  • Provide specific examples and justify them if you feel an alternative technique would provide more useful information.