Principles of Marketing post

If you’ve had a really bad day (one of those “I wish I had stayed in bed days”), is there a product that always makes you feel better? How about at the holidays; does your family have favorite foods that you associate with all the good things the holidays mean to you? The firms that make those products certainly hope so, because it means they have been successful in creating a brand imagethat you associate with positive feelings or values. We don’t even have to eat that favorite food; just the logo or jingle can cause us to make those associations. Explore the brands you love and how the firms that sell them to you have created a brand image.

For this discussion, first read Real Marketing 8.2 in the textbook. Then, select one of your favorite brands and describe how you see its brand image. What do you think the firm did to create that image? If you were the brand manager for the product, what would you do to continue building that brand? Be specific and get creative. After all, if Harley Davidson can build a brand that makes 55 year old orthodontists feel like wild weekend bikers – the road’s wide open.

no more than 250 words