Prison overcrowding. When prisons are overcrowded,

Topic: Prison overcrowding. When prisons are overcrowded, it’s difficult to meet prisoners’ basic health and safety needs. It’s harder to implement rehabilitation programs, can worsen mental health issues, and increase the potential for violence.

  • Research your issue. You will write a 750-1000 word paper (due next week ) that includes the following five sections:
    1. Describe solutions experts currently propose and the pro/cons associated with them.
    2. Define and describe the extent of the problem.
    3. Describe the effect(s) of the problem.
    4. Include introduction and conclusion to the topic. Format your title page,
      paper, and citations according to APA guidelines. You do not need to include
      an abstract. You must include a references page. The title and references pages
      do not count toward your word total requirement.
    5. create two power point slides which sums up the paper