problem solution essay

Prompt: In a Persuasive Argument, you will build from the research and analytical skills you developed thus far to identify a problem and advocate for a way to address, solve, or resolve that problem. Identify an audience who can benefit from and participate in the solution your proposal addresses. Your starting point, then, is to identify something you feel, with good reason, should be changed. Next, argue that a certain action should be taken to respond to or resolve that problem. Most of the paper should be devoted to advocating your plan for addressing/resolving the problem and argue for it using organizational strategies such as cost/benefit, steps, or comparison/contrast. Your essay should also address questions of feasibility.

Topic: *Climate Change

*Student Debt

*Child Separation at the border.

kindly choose one from the following topics.

what I needed:

1. statement of plan research.

2. Annotated Bibliography. 4 sources.

3. The essay. MLA style, 7 paragraph essay.

NOTE: The introduction should introduce your topic and share the problem that you see. At the end of the introduction, you should state your thesis, which should include your position , which is your proposed solution to the problem.