Problem Solving Required

The entire class serves as the Planning Section for the Emergency Management Organization (Local Emergency Operations Center-EOC) convened to manage this isolated rural community’s response to an ongoing crisis.

The farming community’s fields, water table, and streams have been contaminated from an unintentional release of an highly soluble airborne particulate toxin. A shelter in place action has been initiated for the next 18 hours. The point source of the heaviest contamination is adjacent to the community’s waterway, A damming operation was initiated to attempt to confine any contaminated water. Heavy rains occurred approximately two hours into the incident, raised the water table and creek flow. The contaminating material is considered dangerous to humans and livestock if ingested. It is photoreactive, and would have degraded to a minimally toxic substance with 8 hours of strong sun light.

The Critical Access Hospital attached to a long term care facility is the only medical facility within 100 miles. There are three other towns located between 100 and 160 miles away over country roads.

First planting occurred 1 month ago, and the crops were just beginning to emerge.

There is a glacial lake 40 miles upstream from the source of contamination, over rocky terrain.


Identify the roles being played by the various individual class member in this team (who is responsible for collecting and presenting specific intelligence. Prepare several potential plans and recommendations for the Incident Commander (IC) and the Responsible Authority (mayor) of the Agency [town] Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). Any requests to a mutual aid, MOU, or regional resource for assistance must be coupled with specific objectives and requests for assets.

Maintain and submit a running report (this “blog” substitute) with your questions researched and developing recommendations to preserve and protect life and the economic viability of all the members from the community. Remember a phrase from similar high concern records—not documented means it was not done, nor considered.

Write approximately 270 words