Problem Statement,

ost your Problem Statement, Research Question, and Literature Review as a single document attachment to this discussion forum by Thursday, Module 5.

Then, by Sunday, Module 5, read the document of at least one peer and provide answers to these questions in a 400-500 word reply post to that peer:

1. How is this research question/problem addressing a gap or a need in the field of IDT? Provide suggestions for improvement/revision if necessary.

2. Who or what would benefit from learning the answers to this research question? Provide suggestions for improvement/revision if necessary.

3. What is a research method or instrument that would help your peer answer his/her research question? For example, if the question is “How do online undergraduate students view the social interaction in MOOCs?”, a research method to answer this question might be to survey a group of undergraduate students at three universities about their experience completing a MOOC in the last term.

Being able to review and provide constructive feedback on the work of other researchers and scholars is imperative at the doctoral level, no matter the field or discipline. In this module, you will read about and discuss your peers’ proposed IDT research projects and collaborate to think outside the box and find opportunities for improvement so that you can consider ways to move the field forward.

  • Post your own and read your peers’ documents in the Module 5 Discussion.