Project Cost Estimate

Cost estimate of the foundation of a store in Canada. Need estimate on cost of labor, design, building. complete cost estimate of the foundation of a business. Must determine the cost to build and operate a store. You must also estimate the costs of the required inventory inside the store and the hiring and training of employees to begin operations. Research and provide high-level budget estimates for the various work packages or the higher-level work activities. For example, building the store itself might be broken down into design, site preparation (your company already owns the land), permit costs, plumbing, electrical, etc. Or, you may prefer to just use major categories such as design, build, and outfit. Consider other project procurements that may be required for your project. Develop your own project cost estimate template. While your research will yield material, labor, and overhead cost data in Canadian dollars (CAD), for the purpose of this assignment, you will convert all cost figures to US dollars (USD).