Prompt submission of the essay, writing homework help

(Second Semester 2017: McElroy)

Length: 3 pages (typed and double spaced).

Due Date: Tuesday: January 31, 2017 at the beginning of class.

Format: a) Give your essay an imaginative title and a title page.

b) Make sure your essay develops a thesis (main idea) and supports this thesis with examples and short quotations drawn from your text.

Grades: will be based on: 1) Prompt submission of the essay. 2) Neatness. 3) Spelling. 4) Effective use of Standard English grammar and punctuation. 5) Composition skills, including the development of a thesis, and the use of examples (details) and short quotations from your text to support your thesis. 6) Displays of mastery of the English language.

Topics: Select one of the following:

1. Write an essay that discusses the most significant antislavery argument developed in Douglass’ Narrative.

2. In an essay describe and analyze Douglass’ discussion of the “the fatal poison of irresponsible power.” 3. In an essay discuss Douglass’ use of Christianity and/or the Bible to attack the institution of slavery. 4. What does Douglass narrative suggest about the significance of education? 5. In an essay explain why Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, published In 1845, remains a significant text in 2017. 6. Write an essay that describes and analyzes the family relationships that helped inspire Frederick Douglass’ opposition to slavery.