Psychoanalytic-Social Personality Perspective

Psychoanalytic-Social Personality Perspective

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper analyzing the Psychoanalytic-Social approach to personality. Your paper should cover the following areas:

  • What makes the Psychoanalytic-Social perspective of personality unique?
  • What are the main components of the following theories Psychoanalytic-Social personality: Alfred Adler, Erik Erikson, Karen Horney, and Cornelius Castoriadis? Additionally, name one aspect that you agree and one that you disagree of these theories from these theorists.
  • What are some of the main differences and similarities between theories/theorists?
  • Choose one of the Psychoanalytic-Social personality theories and apply it to your own life. Explain your own personality and personality development through this theory.

Include an introduction and conclusion in your paper.

  • Resources: Include three resources: (1) textbook, (2) article from UOPX’s, Online Library/Electronic Reserve Reading List, (3) credible and reliable website or another article from UOPX’s Online Library/Electronic Reserve Reading List.
    • Please do not use dictionaries or encyclopedias for references.
    • Only 20 percent of the paper can be direct quotations.
    • Do not quote from Brainy Quote or other website or hard cover source where quotes are found unless you actually read the resource where the quote was originally said. To show that, identify to whom the person was addressing and in what setting it was said

Format your paper according to APA standards.

  • Include an introduction with a thesis statement and a conclusion.
  • Include subheading levels, citations, and references in APA format.
  • use sample paper as refrence