Psychology –refer to research collection

For this assignment I want you to summarize one of the experimental research studies from your research collection.

Check out Audris Oh’s research summary I put in the files — it’s a great model.

Write your summary in 5 pages or so, basically summarizing each of the major sections – literature review, methods section, results section and discussion. Let the abstract at
the beginning of the paper guide you (It’s just one paragraph but is a
great guide). Why was the study done and how does it fit in with other
work in the field (the intro or lit review)? What was the actual experiment (the methods section)? What were the results (the results section)? Why is it important (the discussion section)?
Conclude your paper with a personal reaction — does this fit with what
you’ve seen? How might you use any insight the study provides?

Include the pdf of the article (or link to it) and the reference to the article in APA style. Here’s an example of a reference:

Stein, S., Isaacs, G., & Andrews, T. (2004). Incorporating
authentic learning experiences within a university course. Studies in
Higher Education, 29(2), 239-258.

To help you format your paper in APA style, here’s a link to a great resource from the MCC library about APA style: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Here’s a sample paper (with explanations) formatted in APA style: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.