PUAD 725 -Management Decision Making Methods


For this assignment you will need to refer to this State Government Organizational Chart and this Accountability Chart.

You are an employee of DMV charged with analyzing its performance problems and developing and evaluating improvement strategies for addressing them. This week you need to create a document that explains the DMV’s process for producing its product/service and the different roles and power relationships that exist inside and outside the organization.

Analyze the DMV’s process for producing its product/service(s) by creating and explaining a flow chart of the process. A flow chart or process map helps you see the big picture of how activities in the organization are interconnected. The mapping of the process can also be used as a tool for identifying duplication of effort, location of errors or mistakes, rework and other problems with the organizational process.

Also, you should clearly identify who the external customers are for the DMV and who the internal customers (or brokers) are as it relates to the division you were assigned(Vehicle Inspections division) in the discussion assignment for this week . Also, explain the division’s responsibility to internal customers and the DMV’s responsibility to its external customers.

You should also explain the roles and power relations between various customers, officials, stakeholders, by completing and explaining an accountability chart for the DMV. Your explanation should identify and explain the role or impact that different entities or actors have on the DMV and its activities. What is the importance of each entity in your accountability chart? For example, what is the impact of different entities or stakeholders on the organization’s performance and how could they affect efforts to change how the organization operates in an effort to improve performance?

Action Items

  1. Complete your required reading, the case, and watch at least the first four and a half minutes of the video Basics of Mapping a Process, which provides an introduction to the technical aspects of creating a process map, such as what different shapes indicate.
  2. Read the rubric.
  3. Analyze the DMV process.
  4. Create a flow chart.
  5. Complete an accountability chart.
  6. Write a 1-3 page analysis that:
    1. Defines the different customer roles and explains their impact on the product/service
    2. Explains the DMV process using your flow chart.
    3. Presents your accountability chart and explains the role, relationship, and importance of each entity in the chart as it relates to the DMV’s activities and performance.
    4. Supports your explanation and interpretation with information gained through your required reading and any additional research. Include citations in APA format.

Your reference list is to be added at the end of your document and is not included in the page count.

  1. Submit your paper to Turnitin. Review the originality report you receive from turnitin.com. If your report states that more than 24% of your document is not original thought, rework your paper so that it is written in your own words. Make any other revisions necessary based on the originality report (e.g., include citations).
  2. Review the rubric to confirm that you have met or exceeded the requirements for this assignment. Copy and paste the rubric at the end of your document.