Question For GlobalResearchers (only)

The Unit 9 Reading explores the end of the professional relationship, whether it is client or practitioner initiated. Sometimes, outside forces can cause a client-professional relationship to come to an unexpected or abrupt end. When possible, the professional should try to prepare both the client and themselves for the relationship and work to end.


Read Chapter 14: “Endings and Transitions,” (attahced file) and watch the following video clips:


Video 14.1: Foreshadowing the Ending illustrates several professionals’ views of their work with clients and the strengths and challenges faced.


Video 14.3: Clinicians’ Reflections shows how the professional makes use of foreshadowing the ending of the client-professional relationship. It also shows examples of the client initiating the ending process, and external forces that can initiate an ending.

 After completing the assigned readings and watching the videos, discuss the different ways the client-professional relationship can end.Which endings do you think would be easier for both the client and the professional? Which do you think might be harder? Why?How could you, as the professional, ensure a smooth transition or ending for your client? What techniques would you use?