Reflecting essay

Paper 1 (INDIVIDUAL): Cultural Agility Assessment (3 pages, double space, 1-inch margins)Please take the online Cultural Agility Self-Assessment (CASA). Instructions for accessing CASAare on page 205 of the Cultural Agility book. CASA is a private and confidential tool designed toindividuals gain insight into their cross-cultural competencies and offer guidance on how todevelop those competencies. CASA assesses all 12 dimensions in the Cultural AgilityCompetency Framework. After taking CASA, write a thought piece reflecting on the culturalagility competences that you already have and those you still need to develop. Where there anysurprises in the assessment results? What short-term and long-term steps do you plan to implementto further develop your global leadership and cultural agility competences? Reports will beuploaded in Blackboard through Turnitin.