Research and analyze any public policy or federal law in America

I added two documents, the first one is important! It explains exactly how I am supposed to structure the paper and it is the check list. The second document is from an old paper that a friend did which you can use as a reference for the format.

It HAS to have 12 pages minimum of actual content writing (double space) – so all of the filler pages such as the title pages and table of contents I can add myself at the end. I will need it back as a word document please.

The capstone project in the course is an individual research assignment on a public
policy/federal law of your choice. We will call this project your Policy Paper which will
be a formal research paper aimed at introducing and/or polishing your skills in the
 Public policy research – policy design, implementation, evaluation
 Understanding a federal law
 Effectively exploring and utilizing the library system for research
 Strengthening your academic and competitive writing skills
 Enhance your critical thinking skills

Additionally, your Policy Analysis will be required to have a minimum of 10 quality
references (academic journal articles, leading books, relevant websites, etc.). The paper
will be a 12-15 page narrative/report with a traditional title page, appropriate subheadings,
standard formatting (double-spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman, page numbers),
parenthetical citations such as (Jasso, 2018, p. 35), a works cited page (you may call it a
reference page), and any necessary appendices. We will use APA format for the