Research and Documentation Report and outline

Follow all instructions in the file below-make sure

Part 1:

Attached you will find a template to create a formal outline for your upcoming report. This template will allow you to brainstorm while you organize your ideas for you report. Please follow the template and insert your findings and answers in the same format that the template is. Make sure to be as thorough as possible to earn the full 50 points (brief, choppy, and underdeveloped outline will be have points deducted).

Outline should be done by Monday November 1st 2 pm

Research paper should be done by Wednesday November 3 I will let you know if due dates change

Watch the Documentary: to help you with both parts of the assignment

Search up Appetite for profit book and use 1 source from the book. Follow all instructions throughly from the files this is a lot of points so please please please make I.T good

also the assignment note that I.T should be in memo format single spaced with double spaced in between paragraphs 2 pages minimum you will also see it in red down below

Let me know if something is confusing and not clear.