Research on investments

Step1: Go to Click on stock simulator. Register
and join: Investopedia Stock No end game 2018

Step2: Every student gets $100,000 of virtual money to trade. Create a
well diversified portfolio using at least 10 different stocks and start
trading. Your goal is to maximize the account value.
Step 3: You trading period is till November 18th.

Step5: Based on your trading experience in this project, answer the
following questions
Your responses must be typed. Submit a copy of your trading history (No
credit will be given without the trading history).
Question1) Describe your portfolio (5 points)

Question 2) Give a summary report of your investment performance
justifying each buy or sell you made. (10 points)
Question3) How is your experience in this investment game related to
what you have learnt in class? ( 5 points)

Here is something very
critical about the Research Project. Unlike regular projects where you
write sections and paragraphs, I want you to format this project in the
form of answers to all the 4 questions. So here is what it should look

Question 1) Type the question

Your Answer:…

Question 2)Type the question

Your Answer…

Question 3)..Type the question

Your answer…

Question 4)..Type the question

Your answer…

Also: You must submit the trading history with the project, I will lose 50% of credit without the trading history.

Please use this format to submit the project. No other format will be accepted.

Textbook:“ Essentials of Investments”, by Bodie, Kane and Marcus, 9thedition