Research Paper on 'Arranged Marriages in India'

 This research paper is a 10 page essay that provides an argument about a key cultural phenomenon(arranged marriages in India) occurring in the world today. You need ten credible sources in your essay. You also need to include seven ideas(inequality, poverty, human rights, symbolic/structural violence) from course readings. These can include theoretical ideas, a comparison with another study that we have read, or other pertinent information. The paper should be double-spaced , 12pt font, and 1″ margins. For a style sheet that can be used for this class, please consult the following two online resources: OWL Purdue MLA resource or the OWL Purdue Chicago resource (choose whichever style, MLA or Chicago, you would like to use for this paper). You do not need a separate title page, and you are encouraged to use subheadings (based on your premises) in the paper