Research paper on topic “Job satisfaction is related to intention to quit” (Plagiarism is not acceptable)

As part of my research on topic “job satisfaction is related to intention to quit”need to write research paper on APA format. I want to modify the ” Introduction ” and “Preliminary literature review ” parts based on attached feedback from my professor.And also need to complete the ” Research Paper Analysis ” and power point.

Please see below instructions. And let me know if you need more information.


-Paper must be in APA format which contain a title page, Introduction, preliminary literature review, and Research Paper Analysis.

Paper must include APA format all references and in-text citations supporting the introduction and preliminary literature review. In that at least 4 of the references must be peer reviewed empirical journal articles.

Plagiarism is not acceptable. (Treat this an important)

1) Kindly update the attached paper based on professor feedback. (Both Introduction and Literature Review parts).

2) Also complete the “Research Paper Analysis” (Around 2 pages)

“Write an analysis of your findings based on your literature review. Include whether or not your research proposition was supported by the literature reviewed. “

3) Finally complete the “PowerPoint presentation of your paper as follows:

Slide 1 = Title Page

Slide 2 = Introduction

Slide 3 and 4 = Literature Review

Slide 5 = Analysis

You may have more slides than my outline but not less.