Research Project Proposal

My topic is (What are the Challenges, solutions and benefits on Sultanate of Oman economy for small business). Write Research Project Proposal based as given below:

1. Research topic

1.1 Title of the project

1.2 Nature of the problem or issue

1.3 The aims, objectives, and research questions/hypotheses

2. Background and context of the study

2.1 How did the problem or issue arise?

2.2 Why is it an important topic to study?

2.3 Provide definitions of key terms or concepts.

2.4 Point out the limitations imposed.

3. Methodology

3.1 Research Method (e.g., qualitative, quantitative or mixed) and justification for approach

3.2 Tools of data collection (e.g., questionnaire, interviews, focus groups, documentary analysis)

4. Literature review

4.1 Demonstrate Familiarity with the relevant literature needed.

4.2 Show a precision of relevant literature to be included:

5. Proposed timeline

6. References

Words count = 1000 words