Research research

  • (1)What are the different types of strategic alliances, and under what circumstances each alliance type is preferred?
  • (2)Can you describe and give examples of the three different types of strategic alliances? Can you also identify the conditions under which each type is preferred?
  • (3)What are some factors that must be considered before a company considers expanding internationally?
  • (4)Can you identify some of the core strategy issues that firms face when they go global? Can you provide company and/or industry examples to illustrate your key points?
  • (5)What affects does innovation have on competition and competitive advantage?
  • (6)What are four behaviors of business innovators that help them generate ideas for innovative strategies? Can you think of other behaviors or strategies that enhance a company’s ability to innovate?
  • (7)What do you know about “The tata Way: Evolving and executing sustainable business strategies”
  • (8)What do you know about “Strategic marketing developments in informational society”