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I need to make comments about what Anna Vado wrote below:

Anna Vado

The Core of Ethics

Make a list of all the moral issues presented in this video. According to J. Rachels, what is the core of Ethics? According to J. Rachels, the core of ethics is to have an open mind, give equal weightage to each one’s ethical preference without judgement.Moral Issues: Nudism, Animal cruelty, living together outside of marriage and having kids outside marriage, Capital punishment, prostitution, slavery, homosexuality, abortion, child labor, working woman and the husband staying at home

Pick a case where you could accept the practice using Moral Relativism as a tool to support your argument. I don’t see a problem when wife works, and the husband stays at home. Or perhaps, the wife makes more money than the husband. We are living in a society in which women and men have the same rights. However, my case can be supported by many and disapprove by others. It could be a cultural issue; but I would say it has moral value.

Pick a case where you could not accept the practice and use Moral Absolutism to support your argument.The fact that some countries do not support children’s education, makes me sad and at the same time upset. I do not see wrong when a kid needs to learn a job and/or activity as long as such job and/or activity is part of his/her learning process. but unfortunately, in many third world countries, children must work to survive and/or to support their families. There is no moral value, there is no hope for a better future.