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 Respond to this and share an additional example that you believe will compliment their suggestions. Use the chapter I will be sending you and cite within your response post. 50 words or more. Use reference:

Bojczyk, K. E., Shriner, B. M., & Shriner, M. (2012). Supporting children’s socialization: A developmental approach. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.

but when citing within the answer, cite like: (Bojczyk & Shriner, 2012).

Technology has played a huge part in the enhancement of socialization for elementary aged children.  There are three positive examples of how it has enhanced socialization for that age group.

1.Audio media- Listening to music via radio, ipod, podcasts, audio books or other technologies have proven to be beneficial.  “Music lyrics have the ability to greatlyinfluence behaviors. Listening to songs with prosocial lyrics can increase prosocial thoughts, increase interpersonal empathy, and foster helping behavior” (Bojczyk, Shriner, & Shriner, 2012).

2.Screen Media – There are many different forms of screen media out there for children to view.  As long as what they are watching is a form of prosocial television it can be an extremely helpful source for socialization. It has been documented that “transmission of cultural, moral, and social practices in society would be impossible without the benefits of observational learning. To be specific, television may function as a significant and perhaps one of the most powerful contributors to children’s overall socializing experiences” (Dumova, Fidordo, & Rendahl, 2008).

3.Printed media – Any type of media that is printed can also enhance socialization.  This includes books, newspapers, or magazines.  Printed media “can serve asentertainment vessels, providing portals to new worlds; they can provide knowledge on new topics; and they can show us what values are important in society at any giventime” (Bojczyk et al., 2012).

Parents can use technology to enhance their child’s socialization by being aware of what their children are up to. “One of the most obvious ways that parents impact themedia’s influence on their children is by regulating and monitoring television viewing habits” (Bojczyk et al., 2012).

Teachers need to be educated on all forms of technology so that they can teach the children in their classrooms how to use it to benefit their development.  “Teachingchildren how to properly use technology and comprehend media messages is the best way to ensure more positive growth, development, and socialization (Bojcztk et al., 2012).