sale and marketing ( lesson 4)

Lesson 4

Activity 1: Team Discussion on Observations

As a team, discuss the observations each member made during the week. Each person should share while others ask open ended and challenge questions about the observation.

Some questions might include:

                          1. Tell me more about that …
                          2. Explain further what the strategies were like
                          3. Give me some examples
                          4. Tell me how effective you think the strategy you observed was
                          5. What evidence was there that the strategy was working

Activity 2: Case Studies on Nike and Samsung

As a team, discuss the marketing strategies used by Nike and Samsung. Analyze their marketing strategies.

Focus on:

                          1. What does each company do? What products are they marketing and advertising?
                          2. What are their marketing strategies?
                          3. What mistakes or failures helped them succeed?
                          4. How do they use technology?
                          5. What are the effects?

Activity 3: Marketing Strategies

With your team decide on a set of strategies for marketing your product or services. This is a preliminary list but it should reflect your product or service.

Reflect back on your market segmentation and target market to brainstorm strategies that might work.

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