Securing Business Networks, communications homework help

Please read the instructions for assignments carefully and take the time to review your work.

Perhaps most importantly, show all of your work and/or fully explain your answers. Remember, all work should be original and in your own words and/or your sources should be properly cited.

Complete the following short answer questions:

1. How do the viruses propagate between computers?
2. What is social engineering?
3. How will an SPI firewall handle a packet containing a TCP segment which is an acknowledgement?
4. Revise the access control list (ACL) in Figure 3-23 (2nd page of attachment) to permit access to an FTP server with IP address
5. How will the ACL in Figure 3-23 (attached) handle a packet that attempts to open a connection to an FTP server? Explain.
6. For each of the following passwords, first state the kind of attack that would be necessary to crack it. Justify your answer. Then say whether or not it is an adequate password, again giving specific reasons.

a) password
b) Winter1
c) SpringBreaK
d) 2!T*d
e) 9g&8tY7#?s+445=232+

There is no need to take the time to retype the questions, as your responses are the most important part; however, please do mark/number which questions you are answering.