Select a brand and write a final project

Select a brand that you feel passionate
about and write a final project and a powerpoint presentation. The final
project should be done in 3 days and the powerpoint presentation could be done
in a week.

Please check out the link below for detail instruction. Course Project V2.docx

Week 4 Project Draft .docx is a simple draft, you could use this
if you want. 

Your final report should be about
10-15 pages, please use the APA format for your paper and references. Keep in
mind that you should use a professional writing style, this should be based on
business English, and involve the correct use of marketing terminology. Use
tables to summarize your information – a report is more likely to be
implemented effectively if it is brief, but sufficiently detailed, clear and
relevant. Remember to experiment with the Demand Metric Tools that are included
in the Week 6 lecture, these may give you some ideas for organizing your
campaign. For each of your communications strategy plans you should identify a
specific objective, a media strategy, a media plan, and a budget. You are asked
to provide the five typical options that form the communications strategy mix –
marketers must think about how they need to match competitors or provide
novelty, you may want to substitute a campaign for something different – check
this out with your Professor.

The PowerPoint Presentation

Your PowerPoint presentation will be
based on your final report and should include 10-15 slides. A professional
PowerPoint presentation in marketing should be based on good quality content,
your slides should be clear, and compelling – it is important to engage your
audience and convey all of the important points that you have developed in your
written report. Please include the artwork that you have developed – this is
what your audience will want to see.