Short-Answer Questions

1.Describe two different ways marketers use consumer lifestyle information. (Use examples to illustrate your points.) (Chapter 6) 2

2.How do consumers form an attitude toward a certain brand according to the multiattribute Fishbein Model? (Use an example in describing the model.)

3 The Elaboration Likelihood Model (ELM) of persuasion identifies two processes by which promotion communications such as advertising can persuade consumers. Using the ELM model, characterize the two paths to persuasion, one in the case consumers are exposed to a low involvement ad message and the other path when consumers are exposed to a high involvement ad message.

4 Describe the characterizations of consumer decision making provided by (1) the rational perspective, (2) the behavioral influence perspective, and (3) the experiential perspective. Be sure to include the kind of purchase situations for which each perspective is most appropriate.

5. The expectancy disconfirmation model aims to explain how consumer satisfaction/dissatisfaction is formed.

(a) Describe what the model says (both quantitatively and verbally) and marketing implications it has on managing consumer expectations

(b) How does this explanation differ from that offered by the performance-only model? (Include quantitative and verbal descriptions of the performance-only model in your answer.)