short response with references

The article “Implementing electronic health records in hospitals: a systematic literature review” went into detail on how and why the literature review set parameters and initially ended up with 364 potential articles for the study. They continued to add more parameters and until it ended with only 21 articles for the study. Although Pettigrew’s framework for understanding strategic change, includes context, content, and process , according to Bonnstra, Versluis, & Vos (2014) their review is specifically aimed at identifying findings related to the implementation process, possible motives for introducing Electronic Health Records (EHR), as well as its effects and outcomes, are outside its scope. The authors spent a great deal of time and provide detail findings on the context and content. To keep readers, focus on what their review is specifically focused on, and to improve the article. Eliminating the “how” they determined to the 21 articles that was reviewed and the findings of the context and content would make this a much easier read.