Small Service Plan Form to fill out on a hypothetical client, psychology homework help

To prepare for this Discussion, create a hypothetical client using the template below, this hypothetical client could have depression, drinking or substance use disorder, anxiety, it could be a domestic violence case…use your imagination and be detailed. Then, use the template in doc sharing Unit 7 Discussion Service Plan to complete a short service plan for the client. In the body of your response, add the client profile and responses to the questions below. I have added everything you need to fill out here. I have also attached it in a word document. Please use the attached word document as the final product. Make sure when filling out this form please make sure it is very detailed. I have also attached a copy of my textbook for you to reference to while answering the questions. The questions should have in-text citations. Just an fyi the reading for this week is Chapters 25 & 26 in the textbook I attached. This should be at least 500 words.

Richardson Treatment Center

Case Management Service Plan

Hypothetical Client: _________________ (name)

Age ____________ Gender ____________

Presenting problem:

Assessed needs (list all needs from most to least immediate):

Strengths (think of at least two strengths that your client has):


Propose a few ways that your agency might be paid for providing case management services to this client (assume that the client cannot pay).

Explain how you would monitor the client’s progress in accessing services and meeting self-sufficiency goals.

What are some challenges faced by professionals while coordinating services with other agencies?

Client name:

Date of Plan:

Presenting Problem:

Barriers to Treatment:




Service Goals (SMART):

1. Client will

2. Client will

3. Client will

Activities to meet goals (write a short explanation of what activities will be used to meet goals).


Client signature Date


Case Manager signature Date