Social and Political Systems

One of the possible reasons that hunters and gatherers do not work
more than they do may be to avoid overexploitation of their environment.
Think about this: overhunting might allow people to feast for a few
days, but over the long run, the effect would simply be to destroy the
local game supplies. Hunters and gatherers also demonstrate less
patriarchy and ownership taboos than industrial society members. You
will explore these differences in a PowerPoint presentation for this

Assignment Details

Use this Hunter-Gatherers resource page
as a starting point. There, you will find an in-depth examination of
the hunter-gatherer society as well as additional sources to explore.
Make sure you use and refer to at least two sources in your
presentation. Use this template
to create a presentation of 10–14 slides, with speaker notes. A title
and reference slide should be included. PowerPoint help is available
through Smarthinking. Be sure cover the following in your presentation:

  • What are 2 examples of contemporary hunter-gatherer societies?
  • How do hunters and gatherers view rights to land?
  • How do hunters and gatherers view rights to property, such as tools or personal possessions?
  • What evidence suggests that hunter-gatherer societies have a conservationist ethic?
  • What can an industrial, modern society learn from hunter-gatherer societies?


Ember, C. R. (2014, July 23). Hunter-gatherers (Foragers). Retrieved from…

This assignment will also be assessed using additional criteria, provided here.

Assignment Criteria

Proficient Descriptor



• Highlights key concepts related to the assignment topic, drawing

upon appropriate course readings and other learning resources.
• Evaluates alternative points of view and sources in reaching accurate conclusions
• Includes sufficient supporting details so that main points stand out.
• Utilizes

specified number of external sources at a minimum. Selected sources are

credible and relevant to support the assignment response.

/60 pts.


• Introduces the project and gives the audience a clear sense of the main assignment topic
• Sequences information logically with smooth transitions to connect key points
• Concludes with thoughtful evaluation of the information presented.

/25 pts.

Presentation Layout

• Uses a visually pleasing layout with appropriate text font and

color that contributes to the overall message. Uses adequate spacing,

headings, and subheadings.
• Uses graphics and multimedia primarily to reinforce main points and to maximize audience understanding

/15 pts.

Presentation Script

Includes speaker notes with additional details where needed to enhance understanding and ensure a smooth and organized flow

/20 pts.

Audience Consideration

Applies effective presentation principles such that the intended audience is reflected in the content, tone, and style.

/5 pts.

Writing Quality

Presentation is clear, well-articulated and free of grammar,

punctuation, and spelling errors. Information sources are clearly

identified and properly cited and referenced using APA Style.

/20 pts.

Submission Format & Timeliness

Presentation length (# of slides) is per assignment requirements and submitted by the assigned due date.

/5 pts.

Total 150