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Help with sociology discussion needed in an hour and a half  to answer the following and go back to the book ill provide

 What is meant by the “social construction of gender”? Provide a thorough response, using sociological terms and situations. What is feminism? Discuss the first wave, second wave and third wave of feminism. How do feminists address sexism, institutional discrimination and the glass ceiling?What occupations are men likely to perform? What occupations are women likely to perform? (See pages 303-306). Compare their (men & women) earnings. Who is likely to earn more? What accounts for wage gaps between men and women? Can such gaps be corrected?What is the “second shift?”  Explain. Culturally, is it possible to “equalize” the second shift? If so, how? For more insight into women in the workplace, check out this video about women in the workplace.

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