Spiritual to Rock and Roll Discussion Question, philosophy homework help

  1. Listen to Billy Holiday singing “Stormy Blues” (acquire through legitimate music source or web search). Then, compare this legendary blues singer with modern day blues singer Amy Winehouse singing, “Love is a Losing Game” (acquire through legitimate music source or web search) What do these singers have in common? What is different about them? Which singer moves you more?
  2. Jazz recordings rank slightly lower than classical recordings in volumes of sales in this country. Why do you think the jazz audience is small when compared to that of rock or pop music?
  3. Compare and contrast Louis Armstrong’s trumpet style with Miles Davis trumpet style playing the jazz classic “Stardust”. To listen to these two songs, acquire them through a legitimate music source or web search using the criteria:
    • Miles Davis – 13 Stardust
    • Louis Armstrong, His Orchestra – Stardust
        1. Do you agree with the following statement: “Many country songs express the inner conflict between pleasure-seeking and the pursuit of religious devotion or wanderlust and the security of home”.
        2. How do you determine what sets country music apart? How do we know it’s country?
        3. Think about the ancestry of British Balladry in country music. What is the difference between Child Ballads and Broadsides?