Strategic Choice and Evaluation Questions

Please answer
each question no less than 120 words

Class, I have
long been a JCP customer. However, a few years ago when JCP placed a former
Apple leader in the CEO position, things began to change. It seemed to me that
JCP lost their way from a strategy perspective. As you have read the
information in the chapter, think about and discuss the following:

is a business-level strategy? What happened to JCP as they changed their
business strategy?

is the relationship between a firm’s customers and its business-level strategy
in terms of who, what, and how? Why is this relationship important? Did JCP
forget about the customer and focus only on what the new CEO wanted to

Class, GE is probably one of the most successful
organization in history from the perspective of diversity of their business.
They have everything from microwaves, ovens, washer and dryers, to aircraft
engines. What makes them so successful? Let us discuss:

1.What are three reasons firms choose to diversify
their operations?

2.How do firms create value when using a related
diversification strategy?

3.What are the two ways to obtain financial
economies when using an unrelated diversification strategy?

Class, today we hear a lot about the important of going
global or being an international company. That is not an easy task and many
that want to become international are not successful. With that in mind, let us
discuss the following

1.Suppose you are developing strategy for an
international company. What are the three international corporate-level
strategies? What are the advantages and disadvantages associated with these
individual strategies?

2.What are some global environmental trends
affecting the choice of international strategies, particularly international
corporate-level strategies?

3.What five entry modes do firms consider as paths
to use to enter international markets? What is the typical sequence in which
firms use these entry modes?

Class, in this chapter we learned about strategic alliances.
Why do company strategically align themselves with other organizations? Let us
discuss the following:

1.What are the four business-level cooperative

2.What are the key differences among them?

3.What are the three corporate-level cooperative

4.How do firms use each of these strategies for
the purpose of creating a competitive advantage?