Strong opinion essay help (original)

I need a 12 Point essay written. It can not be a research paper. The instructor wants it to be in this format.  Must be all original.

Choose a topic in which you possess a strong opinion. Write a 12-point essay that has a purpose and in which you make your point. For example, you might argue that school uniforms are necessary or you might explain why your favorite team will win the championship or you might compare and contrast children’s television programs and argue why one is more beneficial to children than another. It should be well developed and formatted into a 12-point essay structure. Please number your sentences and provide which essay form you will use, such as process analysis, descriptive, etc.

  1. Introduction (mentions topics)
  2. Thesis (contains “because” and three supports – A, B, and C)  
  • First support of the thesis (states A)
  • First support of A
  • Second support of A  
  • Second support of the thesis (states B)
  • First support of B
  • Second support of B  
  • Third support of thesis (states C)
  • First support of C
  • Second support of C  
  • Conclusion