Summaries for articles needed

Hi I need summaries for each article/video below (200-300 words each)

Ellen Ullman, “Outside of Time”

Mia Consalvo, “Gaining advantage: How videogame players define and negotiate cheating

Pierre Bourdieu, “How Can One be a Sports Fan?

Daniel Kriess, “Developing the “Good Citizen”: Digital Artifacts, Peer Networks, and Formal Organization During the 2003–2004 Howard Dean Campaign


For these three articles/video, there might be limited resource online, but you could just write a summary or related facts of it.

Howard Rheingold, “The Virtual Community”

Masco, Joseph. “Life Underground: Building the Bunker Society.” Anthropology Now, vol. 1, no. 2, 2009, pp. 13–29. JSTOR, JSTOR,

SensiblePrepper, director. Preppers Are Crazy. Youtube, 16 Mar. 2012,


Meanwhile, I attached my paper proposal and I need a thesis statement for that.

And it’d be perfect if you can write the summary or conclude the readings somehow related to my proposal/thesis.

Thank you very much.

Documents I need:

Summaries for 4 attached articles and 3 unattached ones (200-300 each)


One thesis statement according to my proposal attached.


Proposal for the paper:

The personality shift among Facebook users and its impact on digital communication

This study seeks to establish the differences between the personality that Facebook users establish on the internet how it impacts digital communication. Facebook is a subculture of the wider social media culture. The following research questions will guide the study.

  • Does the personality that one adopt on Facebook differ from real life?
  • To what extent does it differ?
  • Does one trust the personality of the other online users?
  • How does this affect communication between Facebook users?

Various researchers have reported a difference in personality adopted by Facebook users although there is little data to tie it to digital communication. For instance, a series of surveys by Lenhardt, Smith & Anderson (2015) showed that up to 42% of Facebook users adopt a synthetic personality.

The study will follow a quantitative research method, and where Facebook users will be requested to fill out a survey hosted online.

Data will be presented in form of percentages and graphs for ease of understanding and analysis.