summary for article about cystic fibrosis in children

Section 2: Research article

In the professional literature, locate an evidenced based practice or research article from a professional peer review nursing or medical journal. The article must be published within the last 5 years.

Utilizing APA format and 12-font, double-spaced layout, summarize the article and give your thoughts on how this article could impact nursing practice. Your finished paper should be 3-5 pgs of content (excluding title page and reference page). Need help with APA formatting? Do a google search of “Perdue Owl APA” for a quick and easy reference. Be sure to cite correctly to avoid plagiarism.

Section 3: Written portion of care plan (Utilizing headings and bulleted format – bulleted format does NOT mean one sentence answers “tell the story”) –
When your faculty has completed reading the written portion of your care plan he/she should have a clear picture of your patient and the family