supply Chain Management, business and finance homework help

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1. Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is an important part of a company’s distribution strategy. Evaluate REI in this discussion. Outline their current channel and methods of distribution.
1. How do they use Supply Chain Management?
2. Does it work well? Any suggestions for improvement?

2. Ries and Trout
read and consider the “Immutable Laws of Marketing,”
1. what are your thoughts on the opinions and positions of Ries and Trout?
2. Do their laws still apply?
3. Considering how we communicate and respond in the 21st century, do basic laws of marketing change over time?

3. CRM Results
reviewed several CRM vendor sites to gain an understanding of current products on the market and their benefits to marketers.
1. Post your results

4. Social Media and Privacy

Social media sites and apps are increasingly utilizing (and providing to others such as “friends”) consumer information that many might consider private, including a person’s location and product or service purchasing preferences. This has resulted in a degree of controversy, such as that experienced by Apple and Google.
1. Discuss how you think marketing departments can utilize social media consumer information to benefit their company and their customers while also taking into account privacy concerns