The Epic of Gilgamesh, English homework help

  1. On the Themes in “Two Brothers” and “The Joseph Story” document, I have listed ten themes. In your post for this week, you need to choose one or two themes from the list. Then, write a paragraph about how two passages – one from each work – correspond to the chosen theme(s). Your post must show how the passages relate to the chosen theme. To do this, you need to use words from the passages and explain how they address the theme. You should pull phrases from the entire passage, which means that you should use words from different parts (beginning, middle, end) of the passage.
  2. List one connection you made between The Epic of Gilgamesh and “Two Brothers” or “The Joseph Story.” Quote and cite one passage from each text to prove your connection.
  3. This is not an essay 1-2 paragraphs should be enough