the issue of racial discrimination, philosophy homework help

We are discussing the issues of justice, discrimination, civil rights, feminism, etc.

I want you to interview 3 people, preferably of various ages and ethnic groups. Pose the same 5 questionsto them regarding the pre-mentioned topics. Some possible questions may be: Do you believe racial equality exists in our country? Have you recently been discriminated against? How would you feel about your son/daughter dating our marrying someone from another racial group? Do you think that the election of Barack Obama helped racial relations? Do you think that affirmative action is racial discrimination? Do you believe that women are treated equal to men in our society? Do you think that gay men or women should be allowed to marry and be given full civil rights under the marriage law ? These are some possible questions; I’d like you to include others that you pose.

Write a paper (4-5 pages, double-spaced) summarizing the answers. Give details about the people interviewed, i.e., single, white male, 24 years old; married, black female, 40 years old, etc. Do not use their real first names. After you’ve summarized the responses give your own comments and observations. Did you think any of the comments could be perceived as judgmental, prejudice or racist, why? Were the people reluctant to answer the question? etc. Okay ?

People may be reluctant to give specific answers to your questions. Try to persuade them to give answers beyond a “Yes” or “No.” Tell them that their real names will not be used. They could be assured of that.

I hope that you will have an interesting and fun time with this assignment.

As an aside, a few years ago, when I gave this assignment, one of the questions that I posed was, “How would you feel about a female or an African-American president? My, my, how times have changed.