the major financial statements of ten peaks coffee company inc from its 2013 annual report are included in exhibits 1 11a to c/

a. Find the following amounts in the statements:
i. Total sales for fiscal year 2013
ii. Total cost of sales for fiscal year 2013
iii. Sales and marketing expenses for fiscal year 2012
iv. Finance expenses for fiscal year 2013
v. Income tax expense for fiscal year 2013
vi. Net income for fiscal year 2013
vii. Inventories at the end of fiscal year 2013
viii. Accounts payable at the beginning of fiscal year 2013
ix. Shareholders equity at the end of fiscal year 2013
x. Deficit at the beginning of fiscal year 2013
xi. Cash provided from operating activities in fiscal year 2013
xii. Cash payments to acquire plant and equipment in fiscal year 2013
xiii. Cash used in the repayment of debt in fiscal year 2013
xiv. Cash used to pay dividends in fiscal year 2013
b. Does Ten Peaks finance its business primarily with debt or with shareholder equity? Support your answer with appropriate data.
c. Did Ten Peaks have a net inflow or a net outflow of cash from financing activities in 2013? What about from its investing activities?
d. Does Ten Peaks use a classified statement of financial position? Explain.