The primary aspect of diversity; Race and ethnicity

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Essay: Answer each prompt using at least 400 words.

  1. Describe
    an experience that directly affected you or that you observed where
    someone was treated as an “O”. What did you, or could you have done to
    minimize this experience?
  2. Think of 3 different ages or points in your life, for example, ages 6, 12, and 18.
    • What racial identity development stage would you say you were in for each of these stages and why?
    • What
      factors can you think of that may have impacted any changes in
      your racial identity development stages from one age to another?
    • Do
      you feel that each of these stages could have been better supported by
      the caregivers, educators, peers, or colleagues around you?
  3. Reflecting
    on the McNickles section, what explains the perception gap that exists
    between whites and African Americans when it comes to matters of race
    and racism? Do you agree with McNickles?
  4. The
    ability to communicate in English is important for many jobs and
    therefore some companies offer ESL (English as a Second Language)
    courses to their non-English-speaking employees. One alternative to
    requiring company-sponsored ESL instruction is to require that all
    potential employees meet an English language proficiency standard before
    they may be hired. Compare and contrast these two alternatives in
    terms of advantages and disadvantages to the company.