Thesis Statement Exercise, english assignment help

A successful thesis does the following things at the essay level:

❏ Gives you something to prove, back up, develop, or support.
❏ Sets up what you are going to discuss, argue, or explain.
❏ Is neither too vague, too broad, nor too narrow for the scope of the assignment.
❏ Does more than state a well-known, straightforward, or obvious fact; it makes an
arguable assertion that you must prove to your reader.
❏ Establishes a contract between you and your readers; they can expect that you will
support this idea/main point convincingly and that you will not confuse them with
extraneous or unrelated information.
❏ May suggest an organization for the essay that follows.
❏ Almost always appears as the last sentence in the introduction paragraph.


Directions: Please read each thesis statement. Write: “strong”
or “weak.” If it is weak, explain what’s wrong. These are real thesis
statements from previous essays.

1. Although Millennials seem unreliable since they move from one job
to another, they are in fact more successful because of their ability to
adapt to new environments.

2. Millennials are narcissistic, entitled, and lazy.

3. Although Generation Me is viewed as narcissistic, they are
successful because their self confidence pushes them to be innovative.

4. The me generation is self-centered and materialistic because of what I have seen.

5. I disagree with the assumptions of millennials being lazy and self

centered because the older generations assume that all millennials live

on their on stereotype but fail to consider the facts that millennials

may be the most successful and most diverse generation so far.