to answer 5 questions after reading some material

One of the common research tools that communicators use is content analysis. In this research activity, communicators examine the messages being sent over various communication channels and determine if those messages are being sent effectively. One of the most common uses for the content analysis is to examine advertising messages that companies send through the print, broadcast, or digital channels.

For this assignment, complete the following steps during the research period on October 26 (off site):

  1. Review the background article at this link: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
  2. Review the PPT on Content Analysis presented in class on 10/24.
  3. Perform a review and analysis on the three TARGET ads available by clicking on this link Target Ads for Content Analysis.docx

Next, answer the following five questions as part of your analysis:

  1. What is the overall theme of the advertisements based on your analysis?
  2. What are the manifest themes or patterns evident in the ads? [Remember these are items you can physically count to demonstrate a pattern, such as the number of terms, images, etc.]
  3. What are the latent themes or patterns evident in the ads? [Remember these are messages that are not outwardly stated but that you can interpret from reading the messages.]
  4. Based on TARGET’s plans for attracting new customers as presented in the Bloomberg article, do you think that the receivers were able to “get” the proper message from the sender in this communication? Why or why not?
  5. Based on your review, what “noise” might interfere with the receiver “getting the message” in this series of ads? Are the message patterns (manifest or latent) strong enough, in your opinion, to overcome that noise.